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Get an instant hourglass figure with a Vedette waist cincher. The best part about Vedette waist cinchers is that the instant you slip one on, your curves are shaped & smoothed out beautifully.

Vedette shapewear is super comfortable with a soft inner lining that you won’t mind wearing all day long. They look great with nearly any outfit, and your friends won’t even know you have one on.


Vedette shapewear improves your posture the more you wear it. It gives you that Victorias Secret model walk look by straightening up your back with the added support. After enough time wearing a Vedette waist cincher this enhanced posture will become permanent.

If you waist train or want to lose weight fast, you should try out a Vedette waist training corset. The Vedette waist cincher has a waist trainer version that works nearly just as good as the popular Ann Chery workout waist cincher, for a fraction of the price. You can choose any color & even some crazy designs to exercise in with your new Vedette waist cincher.

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